Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Plug for My Pastor's Podcast

I have just recently resurrected Law and Gospel at Zion, my pastor's sermon podcast, and we presently only have seven subscribers. I received some kind feedback from one subscriber, Pastor Fleming up at Our Savior in Grand Rapids, who mentioned while passing through Hillsdale that he has greatly appreciated listening to Pastor James' sermons.

If you are looking for some good sermons to listen to as a supplement to your normal Word intake, I would strongly recommend subscribing. Also, if you are one of the four unknown subscribers (Erich and I are two), it would be fun to know who you are!

Here is a link with feed and subscription info.

And here is a random picture (click for larger view) of Pastor James enjoying one of Erich's hamburgers with Mark, the world's tallest historian, looking on:


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