Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Beichtspiegel and the OHM

Here is a beichtspiegel (confessional mirror) written by Dr. Ken Korby [clicking on the link will download the pdf version]. For those who are not familiar with what a "beichtspiegel" is, it is used as an aid in preparing for confession and absolution. This brief one by Korby would be easy to print off for members of the congregation to use. It is formated as a single sheet to be folded in half. There is also an excellent beichtspiegel printed in the back of the Brotherhood Prayer Book [BPB]. It's too bad one was not included in the LSB. I mention the beichtspiegel here on this blog with special reference to the following questions.

Third Commandment:
  • Do I spend time complaining about the worship, the pastor or other people?
  • Have I destroyed the blessing of the divine service for myself and others with frivolous criticism?
Fourth Commandment:
  • Has the fear and love of God shaped my honor and obedience to parents and others in authority?
  • Have I trusted God to bless me and make my life good when I submit to the authority of parents and those over me, or have I been angry with them, rebelling, fighting against them because I was afraid I was not getting what I had a right to get?
  • Have I been insolent, sullen and disrespectful to my parents, teachers, employers or other authorities over me?
  • Have I been on good behavior when they are present and mocking them when they are absent?
  • Have I given honor and respect to the pastoral office?
  • Have I helped those who carry responsibilities in governing? Do I pray for parents, leaders of the nations, schools and church? Do I grumble about work given me to do?
  • Have I helped make it easier for those who carry responsibilities for governing?


William Weedon said...

Actually, there IS a beichtafel in LSB, sort of. For some utterly unknown reason, it shows up in the Pastoral Care Companion, pp. 657ff. It's questions for commandment 3:

Do I despise the Word by neglect or by paying little or no attention when it is read or preached?
Do I attend the Church's worship faithfully, or do I attend sporadically because I prefer to be elsewhere?
Do I pray for my pastor and other church workers and support their efforts in service to the Word?

And a question for pastors specifically:

Do I, as a pastor of God's flock, fulfill my calling through diligent preparation and faithful preaching of God's Word?

Not bad, but some of the teeth have been pulled from Korby's hard-hitting questions.

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

Yes, I saw it in the Pastoral Care Companion. I bought one for personal use as the spiritual shepherd of my family. I've suggested to Pr. McCain that CPH produce a "Head of Household Companion" for LSB. There should definitely be a beichtspiegel in that if they ever produce one! Hopefully at least the Korby version if not the Brotherhood Prayer Book version.

When I said it's not in the LSB, I meant the hymnal.

Thanks for your comments!