Wednesday, March 4, 2009


There are other, somewhat simpler versions of "confessional mirrors", as well as this Pruefungs-Tafel from 1914, but the "teeth" of this particular Beichtspiegel ("confessional mirror") are particularly helpful in my Lenten devotions, not to mention regular self-examination for holy Communion and confession and absolution. This is the first time this particular Beichtspiegel has been made available online. If you find any typographical errors, please let me know in a comment below so that I may correct them.

This Beichtspiegel is published in
The Brotherhood Prayer Book, Emmanuel Press, 2007 ( The authors, Rev. Michael Frese and Rev. Benjamin Mayes, compiled this "confessional mirror" from the writings of the best American and German Lutheran father-confessors. The text is public domain and therefore may be formatted, copied, and distributed as much as you wish without copyright concerns. You also have the blessings, explicit permission, and even encouragement of the authors to do so. Though it is not required, please acknowledge the authors and The Brotherhood Prayer Book. However, if you modify this text in any way, which you may certainly do if you wish, kindly do NOT mention the source. May God bless your use of this Beichtspiegel with fruit according to His will.

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The text of this Beichtspiegel is from the paperback "Text Edition" of The Brotherhood Prayer Book. In connection with my posting of this Beichtspiegel text, Pr. Michael Frese has generously offered a big discount on the book during Lent. The regular price is $20, but they are willing to sell it to you at $14.00 plus $2.50 shipping/handling during this Lenten season. They will only accept a personal check for payment, however. Then you can have the psalms, propers, and the Beichtspiegel - all before Holy Week! To take advantage of this offer, simply write an email to with the word "Beichtspiegel" in the subject line.

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